Awwwesome Projecten

Soms ontstaan uit ideeën kleine oplossingen en soms grotere projecten die wij vaker toe kunnen passen.

Awwwesome Projecten one
Awwwesome Projecten two
Awwwesome Projecten three

Iconset “In and around the house”

Apart from our technical developments, we also convince by unique design and creative display. A direct result of this is our icon set we offer on several portals. Icons are ideal to communicate your message to your customers visually. Furthermore, icons offer extra value for the user experience of your websites; attractive icons can catch a visitors visual attention quickly. These vector icons can be used for several projects, online as well as offline.


Online Menu

Restaurants often promote their business on the website, but not their core business: the menu. Based on measurements regarding restaurant websites, we can conclude that 94% of all visitors looks for the menu straight away. In case this has not been displayed properly, these prospects bounce. We have found a functional solution for this, offering additional value for the customer as well as the restaurant owner. The result is a unique and future proof website, that the customer and owner are taking advantage from.


360 productview WordPress plug-in

Being able to rotate a product 360 degrees in your browser offers especially webshops the opportunity to show their product to customers in an ultimate way. But we take it one step further: our plug-in enables the option to show several features and product advantages or related products - while rotating. This way we offer an extra sales opportunity and a unique experience for your prospect.


Location depending Google Maps plug-in

Many Google Maps Wordpress plug-ins exist. But we have developed a plug-in for our customers that displays the route directly, depending on your distance from your. Using responsive design and a mobile phone’s sensors, we ensure the right display on mobile devices.